Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mall Candy!

My friends are these horrible bastards that failed to drag me out of the candy aisle last weekend. So, after eating a full meal at In-N-Out Burger, we ate 

<3 <3 
I would have loved the stuff, really I would! Except that my poor, recently cavity free molars cried out to me as my stomach reeled in the shock of the richness of this candy. It is deeply rich milk chocolate with almond honey nougat pieces. Good Lord, it was tasty, it really was, but it was not worth the tooth ache. 
York Pieces
And from here begins a new addiction...
York Pieces are candy shells surrounding soft dark chocolate and mint center. They are conveniently sold in a large bag, so that you cannot tell just how many you are actually consuming until the entire bag has been woefully depleted. Which inevitably stinks for you.
Ferrero Rocher
Oh don't EVEN get me started on this...hazelnuts and chocolate in a crispy coating over MORE soft, smooth, truffly goodness? Kill me now, these babies are delicious.