Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Trip to Powell's

Recently I went with a friend to the Powell's Candy Shoppe downtown. We decided to stay away from things we had had before, and instead went for the new titles.

 Mars Delights
Made by the same people who brought you the Mars bar, this little candy looks a bit like the offspring of a Toblerone and a Twix. Inside, you will find a surprisingly crunchy, squiggly wafer surrounded by caramel cream and perched on a bed of cocoa creme, wrapped in chocolate. Although it is a bit more bland than the description suggests, I found it very delightful.

U-NO bar
 I had seen these at candy shops all the time, but had never sought to try one until now. IT is a bit like a more ambitious 3 Musketeers, where the chocolate cream went to boot camp and learned how to be dense. It melts in your mouth, which I highly appreciated, but my friend pointed out that it does taste a bit like an energy bar. I liked it well enough, and I am actually leaning towards giving it 4 hearts.

Violet Crumble
My friend adores Violet Crumble. However, I find myself underwhelmed by its imitation honeycomb center. The stuff gets stuck in your teeth and gums up your mouth, but never quite makes up for that with taste. 

I was very surprised. This candy was a flakier, crispier Butterfinger but wrapped in soft coconut flakes. I just might get another sometime soon. Because it is flakier than a Butterfinger, it gets stuck in your teeth less, which I appreciate. Very tasty.

Normally I would probably rate this a 3, but the Lion bar had one bigger problem for me: it threatened to single-handedly clog my arteries. It is a stack of nougat, wafer, nougat, wafer; covered in caramel; covered in chocolate; covered in peanuts; covered in chocolate. ... ... Yowza. Also, the sticky caramel makes it impossible to talk for a few minutes while you fight it back.

Rocky Road Dark-Mocha
I couldn't remember what a Rocky Road tasted like, but I thought instead of the original, I would go for the intriguing "Mocha Marshmallow" flavor. It was indeed a mocha flavored marshmallow with a layer of dark chocolate in between and wrapped in dark chocolate, with little (and honestly undetectable) chunks of cashews on the top. I found this to be extremely delicious. Good job, Annabelle company, this was very tasty!

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